10 Reasons to Choose Classical Homeopathy


Naturopaths and other alternative practitioners often prescribe homeopathic remedies, however there is a vast difference between the way they use homeopathic medicines and the way Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy intended them to be used. Many alternative practitioners use compound homeopathic medicines or will give you more than one medicine to take at the same time.

It can be a minefield trying to find the right alternative practitioner. If someone says they use homeopathy, do ask questions.

Here is some information on what sets Classical Homeopathy apart from the crowd.

  1. The body can handle 1 medicine at a time far more easily than a compound.
  2. By giving one medicine at a time, we are able to make modifications very easily should you require a change in dose, potency or an alternative remedy.
  3. Each homeopathic remedy works holistically, on the mental, emotional and physical planes. You will get the most therapeutic effect when 1 remedy is selected which has an affinity for all your symptoms.
  4. Classical homeopathy is truly holistic. You only have 1 body so you only need 1 remedy at a time.
  5. Using the classical approach makes research into the effectiveness of homeopathy possible.
  6. It is cost effective. You won’t walk out of the office with a bag full of supplements!
  7. No one knows how all the medicines in a compound react together.
  8. Some homeopathic medicines cancel each other out.
  9. A certified classical homeopath knows how to interpret your progress and the efficacy of the medicine.
  10. A single remedy has been shown to work more powerfully in the body than a compound.
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