12 Remedies you need for Winter.


This can be beneficial at the very first signs of a cough. Its’ indications are a dry, irritating cough which starts suddenly. After the first day of a cough or cold, this remedy won’t help any more but, it can stop a cough developing if taken straight away.


This is helpful for bouts of dry, tickly, coughing that ends in a whoop or sneeze and with a bursting congested feeling in the head. The Adams apple is often painful too. The keynotes for this remedy are that the person may have glassy eyes with dilated pupils and a flushed face. This remedy will also bring down a fever and help in the case of croup.


For a hard, dry cough that causes the person to hold their chest or head because of the bursting pain. They are very thirsty for cold drinks and just want to keep still. May be irritable and want to be left alone. They may also have a stuffed up nose and dry lips.


This is a whooping cough remedy. Violent, deep sounding, barking coughs which follow each other rapidly and don’t stop until a large quantity of mucous is brought up. It may also be useful for a cough which starts as soon as the head hits the pillow at night. It can feel as if there is a feather in the throat which causes one to cough.


For a cold with flu like symptoms. The person has chills and aching bones. They feel weak and shivery with heavy eye lids.

Hepar Sulph

For a cold characterized by thick yellow mucus, rattling breathing, the person can be irritable, clammy and wants to stay indoors covered up and out of any draughts. Often brought on by getting chilled.

Mercurius Viva 

The cold begins as a sore throat and may go to the ears. The lymph glands in the neck are swollen and tender. There is increased saliva in the mouth.

Natrum Muriaticum

The cold starts with sneezing and a runny nose with egg white consistency mucus. It is indicated in sinus infections which frontal headaches and will heal a cold sore.


There is thick greenish mucus, They are are not at all thirsty. The cough is dry at night and moist in the day. They may be more emotional than usual and being in company makes them feel better. If it is a young child, they may show this by being weepy and clingy. They like open air even though they may feel cold.


For a dry, tickly cough at the back of the throat. It feels  worse by talking and cold air. It is often worse at night and the person feels better with their head under the covers.


Use when the cough is dry and sounds like a saw being driven through a pine board! There is great dryness of the mucus membranes of the airways. They feel better by eating and drinking warm things.

How to dose

Simply tip a couple of pills into the lid and from there, under your tongue to dissolve.

The remedies can be taken up to 3 times a day for 3-4 days.

Homeopathic medicine should be taken on a clean palate. Allow at least 15 minutes before and after eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum or brushing your teeth to take your remedy.

If you take one or two doses of the remedy and you feel completely better. Great! Only take the remedy as you need to (symptoms start to get worse again). If that’s 15 minutes, or one day, that’s fine. If you don’t relapse, you don’t need to take further doses! Yay!

If you get no response from the 8th or 9th dose, you may need a different remedy. Refer back to your chart and see if your symptoms fit another remedy better. If you are having difficulty selecting a remedy, call the office for an acute consultation. we will do our best to fit you in the same day.

For more information on dosing click here.

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