Acute Service

Homeopaths define an acute illness as one that starts suddenly and gets worse quite quickly. It could be an infectious viral disease like the flu, sore throat, colds, pink eye, measles; a bacterial infection like food poisoning or boils or an injury like a sports injury, a burn or other accidental injury.

We understand you need help asap and will always try to fit you in with a same day office appointment. If coming to the office is not possible we can schedule a phone/Skype consultation for you. Do call as soon as possible in the morning on (216) 407-4519 so that we can fit you in.

Acute consultations usually take 30 to 45 minutes. If you are able to make an office visit, you will be given a medicine there and then. If you phoned in, it can be shipped to you overnight.

Shahin Afnan, CCH is not a licensed physician and is not able to diagnose an illness for you. If you are having a severe acute incident such as a cardiac arrest or stroke you must seek emergency medical treatment.


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