• JULY 27, 2021

    Homeopathy sees everything is connected

    Many practitioners from various healing disciplines talk about being holistic but don’t necessarily walk the talk. As far as homeopaths are concerned, we are holistic practitioners because we treat the person as a whole. You are one person with one body so it makes sense that everything is connected, right? if you hurt your big

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    • APRIL 20, 2021

    Homeopathy and Dentistry

    Homeopathy can be useful for all sorts of tooth discomforts. Don’t miss my talk at the JAHC this weekend.

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    • FEBRUARY 12, 2021

    Childhood Anxiety

    At this time there are plenty of reasons why your child might be anxious! They can’t go out to school Their routine is upended They can only see their friends online. They have to wear a mask…At Pure Life Homeopathy we have experience of reversing anxiety safely and with no side effects . Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore function, and improve your overall health. It is non addictive and non drowsy.

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