• NOVEMBER 12, 2018

    Research in Homeopathy

    This post contains valuable and objective information from the Homeopathy Research Institute to enable you to make an informed choice for homeopathy/ Homeopathy Cleveland. Depression A recent randomised placebo-controlled trial assessed the efficacy of individualised homeopathic treatment, and the efficacy of Fluoxetine (a.k.a Prozac), for moderate to severe depression in menopausal women.1 Both treatments were found to be

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    • SEPTEMBER 30, 2018

    12 Remedies you need for Winter.

    Aconite This can be beneficial at the very first signs of a cough. Its’ indications are a dry, irritating cough which starts suddenly. After the first day of a cough or cold, this remedy won’t help any more but, it can stop a cough developing if taken straight away. Belladonna This is helpful for bouts

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    • SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

    Homeopathy During Surgery.

    There are various homeopathic protocols to support you through different types of surgery such as oral, breast, abdominal and joint surgery. If you need specific advice, please call the office for an appointment where your individual needs can be addressed. These are the main general remedies for healing from the trauma of surgery. Arnica: Speeds

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