• JUNE 16, 2018

    Remedies to take on vacation Part 1 Sunstroke

    Here is some useful information on homeopathic remedies I like to bring along on a summer vacation. Glonoinum It is the number one remedy to go to in cases of sunstroke! Confirmatory symptoms for this remedy are: A bursting headache, Fullness of the head; distinct feeling of a pulse in the head; throbbing with or

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    • MAY 11, 2018

    One Homeopathic remedy is all you need.

    Did you know that you only need one homeopathic remedy to heal multiple illnesses? It’s true ! How? Homeopathy treats the whole person not the disease. What I mean by that is all the various symptoms you produce at one time make up a complete picture of how you are reacting to an imbalance in

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    • MARCH 10, 2018

    Beat Insomnia with homeopathy

    Insomnia in USA is at epidemic proportions. If you suffer with chronic insomnia, the first thing to try is changing your lifestyle. Exercise.If you don’t already have a fitness routine, it’s time to get started. Research shows that getting just two to three hours of moderate exercise per week can help combat insomnia, restless leg syndrome

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