• AUGUST 20, 2018

    Homeopathy for Diaper Rash

    Diaper rash can be so painful for your baby. Thankfully it’s easy to treat using homeopathic remedies which will bring quick relief and speed up the healing process. The advantages of using homeopathic topicals over the usual OTC products are Homeopathic remedies contain no potentially harmful carriers such as petroleum, they are pure and simple.

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    • JUNE 17, 2018

    Remedies for Vacation Part 2 Travel Sickness

    If you know you or someone in your travel party feel ill with motion, you’d better not leave without reading about these two remedies for travel sickness. Tabacum Made from tobacco leaves. If you’ve ever smoked too much, you can imagine the feelings it can help with. Indications for it’s use are: Constant deathly nausea.

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    • JUNE 16, 2018

    Remedies to take on vacation Part 1 Sunstroke

    Here is some useful information on homeopathic remedies I like to bring along on a summer vacation. Glonoinum It is the number one remedy to go to in cases of sunstroke! Confirmatory symptoms for this remedy are: A bursting headache, Fullness of the head; distinct feeling of a pulse in the head; throbbing with or

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