• JANUARY 13, 2020

    Dosing with homeopathic remedies

    These general guidelines will teach you the optimum way to take homeopathic remedies to get the most benefit. Remember in homeopathy, more is not better!! Always contact your homeopath if you’re not sure how to proceed.

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    • NOVEMBER 25, 2019

    Get ready for Thanksgiving with Homeopathy

    Just when you are least able to take time out to look after yourself is the very time you are most prone to viral infections.

    If you or your loved ones come down with a virus which home remedies don’t touch, call me I’m here for you over the Holidays and will fit you in within 24 hours. I provide acute phone or skype consultations and provide email/text/phone support over the course of the illness as needed.

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    • NOVEMBER 21, 2019

    Homeopathy in Africa

    I’m recently back from a 6 week volunteering trip with Homeopathy for Health in Africa. I was based in Moshi Tanzania and wanted to share some reflections here.

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