• APRIL 30, 2019

    Homeopathy for Insect Stings

    You can use these homeopathic remedies for any stings as long as the symptoms fit.

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    • DECEMBER 4, 2018

    How to store your Homeopathic Remedies

    I want you to get the maximum benefit from homeopathy and one way of ensuring that is to make sure you are storing your remedies safely. Homeopathic remedies are somewhat sensitive to the environment compared with allopathic medicines so I’m going to share the safest ways of ensuring that the healing power of your remedies

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    • NOVEMBER 12, 2018

    Research in Homeopathy

    This post contains valuable and objective information from the Homeopathy Research Institute to enable you to make an informed choice for homeopathy/ Homeopathy Cleveland. Depression A recent randomised placebo-controlled trial assessed the efficacy of individualised homeopathic treatment, and the efficacy of Fluoxetine (a.k.a Prozac), for moderate to severe depression in menopausal women.1 Both treatments were found to be

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