• MARCH 10, 2018

    Beat Insomnia with homeopathy

    Insomnia in USA is at epidemic proportions. If you suffer with chronic insomnia, the first thing to try is changing your lifestyle. Exercise.If you don’t already have a fitness routine, it’s time to get started. Research shows that getting just two to three hours of moderate exercise per week can help combat insomnia, restless leg syndrome

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    • AUGUST 3, 2020

    Homeopathy Study Classes

    This is a wonderful way for you to learn about how homeopathic medicines work and how to use them safely and effectively at home for yourself, your family and your friends. 

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    • NOVEMBER 22, 2016

    Don’t let a Viral Illness spoil your Holidays.

    ‘I haven’t got time to be sick!’ I hear you! Just when you are least able to take time out to look after yourself is the very time you are most prone to viral infections. If you or your loved ones come down with a virus which home remedies don’t touch, call me. I’m here

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