• Homeopathy and Cancer

      I don’t care – I’m going to say the C word – that’s right cancer the big C. the epidemic none of us are exempt from. All of us have someone dear to us who has been or is being affected by this horrible disease. Homeopathy can be used during all stages of cancer:

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  • Location

    You will find pur office is in the charming village of Chagrin Falls at 34 S.Main Street, Ohio 44022. There is parking at the back of the building. As you come in through the back door, our office is the first door on the left. As well as office appointments, we offer Skype,Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, FaceTime and telephone appointments

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  • What Homeopathy can do for you

    Just taking a minute amount of a homeopathically prepared remedy can make a huge difference to your health and vitality. If you are considering homeopathy for acute illnesses, congratulations on taking you and your family’s health seriously! We can enable you to become your own healer by teaching you how and when to use remedies

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  • Homeopathy FAQs

    Q. Is it safe for children and the elderly?
    A. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects when correctly prescribed and are safe even for babies, children and pregnant women. In fact, taking a homeopathic remedy is a great way to relieve

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