Childhood Anxiety

At this time there are plenty of reasons why your child might be anxious!

  • They can’t go out to school
  • Their routine is upended
  • They can only see their friends online.
  • They have to wear a mask and can’t see the expression on a persons face
  • The list goes on and it can all contribute to anxiety.
  • They’re worried about getting sick.

Although we can’t take away the root cause, we can give remedies which have been shown to help children destress.

Homeopathy focuses on each person’s unique symptoms. Did the stress come on after a particular incident such as worry, trauma or fright? Does the person want sympathy or to be left alone? Pay special attention to any that are unusual or exceptionally strong. Notice whether there has been a change in mood and what behaviors or environmental factors seem to make symptoms better or worse. You may want to write them down so that you will be able to pass on this information to the homeopath.

Common anxiety indicators in children include:

  • Not sleeping well or having bad dreams
  • Finding it difficult to focus
  • Appetite changes
  • Easy anger or irritability
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Worrying about things large and small
  • Negative, pessimistic thoughts
  • Feeling fidgety or restless, or using the toilet often
  • Crying a lot and/or being clingy
  • Physical complaints, such as tummy aches, skin problems, headaches with no apparent cause.

Although each of these symptoms can be seen as minor or a passing phase, anxiety in a child can be an indication of a deeper lifelong struggle and shouldn’t be discounted. Homeopathy can make a big difference to their overall mood and ability to cope.

At Pure Life Homeopathy we have experience of reversing anxiety safely and with no side effects . Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore function, and improve your overall health. It is non addictive and non drowsy.

If you’re not quite ready to make an appointment, We offer free 30 minute Discovery calls which are ideal for finding out more about homeopathy and how it can work for your child. You can book one directly from this website. Look for the Book Now buttons.

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