Covid 19 preparedness with homeopathy

You don’t have to simply isolate yourself and wait and watch. The most important thing you can do for yourself at this time is reduce your stress. It’s a well known fact that stress takes down your immune system. As you may be social distancing or even isolating yourselves at home, take this as an opportunity to care for and nurture yourself. This is my list to get you started, no doubt you”ll be able to add to it.

  • Meditate.
  • Exercise at home.
  • Perfect your yoga practice.
  • Take time preparing nutritious and delicious meals.
  • Read those books you’ve been meaning to get around to.
  • Start a creative project.
  • Get outside and tend your yard.
  • Video chat with friends and family.

The second most important thing you can do is realise that, even if you develop symptoms, you don’t simply have to go home and wait to see how bad you feel.  There’s a lot you can do to help yourself using homeopathic remedies.

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Wishing you health, happiness and ease, Shahin Afnan CCH

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