Get ready for Thanksgiving with Homeopathy

‘Must have’ remedies for the Holidays

Nux Vomica

Whether you are struggling to go to sleep because of tomorrows long to do list or are saying to yourself, ’I can’t believe I ate/drank the whole thing’ and feel awful. Nux Vomica will be your friend. It helps you rebalance mind and body when you are over busy or over indulging. It’s also a great detox remedy.






This is also the time of year when the weather is all over the place. Especially here in Cleveland we can often see the temperature change by as much as 40* in a few hours. If you happen to get sick here is some information about a couple of remedies which are often indicated in ailments due to a change in climate. The first one is indicated for ailments brought on by cold dry weather and the second one is from cold wet weather. Read about more remedies for this time of year here.


Hepar Sulph

Here are some indications for this remedy

The person feels worse, from dry cold winds; cool air; the slightest draught.

Skin: Chapped skin, with deep cracks on hands and feet.

Chest:Loses voice and coughs when exposed to dry, cold wind. Hoarseness, with loss of voice. Cough troublesome when walking. Dry, hoarse cough. Cough excited whenever any part of the body gets cold or uncovered, or from eating anything cold. Croup with loose, rattling cough; worse in morning. Choking cough. asthma worse in dry cold air; better in damp.

Throat:When swallowing, sensation as if a plug and of a splinter in throat. Quinsy, with impending suppuration. Stitches in throat extending to the ear when swallowing. Hawking up of mucus.

Ears: Whizzing and throbbing in the ears

People needing this remedy feel better covered up in a warm room. They are also better in a damp atmosphere.




Is one of the remedies that correspond in their symptoms to the conditions found as effects of damp weather, colds after exposure to wet,

Head: Back part of head chilly, heavy, aching, during cold weather.

Nose: Complete stoppage of nose. Stuffs up when there is a cold rain.

Ears.–Earache, buzzing, stitches, and swelling of parotids. Middle-ear catarrh

Mouth.–Saliva tenacious, soapy. Dry, rough tongue, rough scraping in throat, after taking cold in damp weather.

Stool: Diahrrea from damp cold weather.

Respiratory.–Cough worse cold, wet weather, with free expectoration, tickling in larynx. Cough, hoarse, spasmodic. Whooping-cough, with excessive secretion of mucus. Winter coughs, dry, teasing. Asthma with dyspnśa. Loose, rattling cough; worse wet weather. Must cough a long time to expel phlegm. Cough after physical exertion.

Back: Stiffness and lameness across neck and shoulders, after getting cold and wet

I’m here if you need me.

Just when you are least able to take time out to look after yourself is the very time you are most prone to viral infections.

If you or your loved ones come down with a virus which home remedies don’t touch, call me I’m here for you over the Holidays and will fit you in within 24 hours. I provide acute phone or skype consultations and provide email/text/phone support over the course of the illness as needed.

for your convenience, you can now book appointments online here

Grain free pumpkin pie recipe

Many of us are feeling so much better by going gluten free. This year I am bringing the dessert to the family meal. That way I know I will be able to eat it sans Gluten. Yay! This recipe is from the mommypotamus website and is totally easy to make and delicious. It makes 2 x 9” pies

For the crust:

Preheat oven to 350*F

3 cups blanched almond flour

2/3 cup arrowroot powder

8 table spoons melted butter

¼ tspn sea salt

2 lge eggs

1 tspn vanilla essence

Mix it all together in a food processor. you won’t be able to roll this out. You have to roll the pastry into a ball and place in the center of your pie dish. Then spread it out towards the edges with the palm of your hand. Bake for 12 mins then allow to cool while you make the filling.

Pie filling:

I small pie pumpkin.

1 cup coconut milk

2 tspn ground cinnamon

1 tspn ground ginger

¼ teaspn ground ginger

¼ tspn ground cloves

1 tspn unrefined sea salt

¾ cup raw honey

4 lge eggs

cut the pumpkin in quarters. Scoop out the seeds. Place flesh down on a baking sheet with half an inch of water and bake until soft. Scoop out the flesh and puree it in a food processor. Next add the remaining ingredients. Add the filling to the pie crusts and bake at 350*F for 45 mins to an hour until set .


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