Have a Healthy Ohio Winter

Trying to maintain your balance and equilibrium at this time of year can get tricky but here are a few tips for a healthy Ohio Winter:

fruits and vegEven though there never seems to be enough time, prioritize looking after yourself and your family by getting lots of Vit C, D, zinc and your 8 hours a night.

Cooking from scratch doesnt have to take a lot more time than

reheating something in the microwave and you can

always make twice as much as you need so you have left overs

the next day. Eating raw veggies and fruit really boosts your

vitamin intake too. No cooking involved!

Do I hear a sneeze? Yes flu is going around. if you are taking the flu remedy we offer in the fall you are no doubt feeling the benefits as those around you are having to cancchild sneezingel fun events. We get the current years flu remedy annually. It doesn’t come out as early as your local pharmacy wants to give you the flu shot but it is worth the wait because it actually works! If you didn’t get the influenzinum remedy and are starting to get flu-like symptoms, such as headache, body aches, chills and fever, take a dose of your constitutional remedy. If you aren’t receiving homeopathic care at the moment or if that doesn’t help, a good alternative is Oscillococcinum which is readily available wherever you can buy homeopathic remedies.


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