Have a Healthy Pregnancy with Homeopathy

This is, of course, the main time when you don’t want to take drugs which could potentially harm your unborn child. Even herbs can cause problems during pregnancy.pregnant woman

Homeopathy is the perfect alternative! It’s totally safe for pregnant women and their unborn baby when prescribed correctly.

Pregnancy brings about so many hormonal changes that if you are already using homeopathy constitutionally, you will probably need a different remedy at this time and for 6 weeks following the birth.

I have seen homeopathy work very effectively and quickly for the following issues associated with pregnancy and more:


Yeast infections

Itchy skin


Water retention



Mood swings.

If you are interested in using homeopathy as your ‘go to’ medicine while pregnant, please call the office. We offer free half hour meet and greet appointments, acute consultations and focused consultations perfect for when you are pregnant. We can also provide a kit of remedies needed most often during pregnancy.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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