Homeopathy for behavioral problems

Worried about your child’s ability to concentrate and learn in a classroom setting? It could be ADHD.

Sometimes getting a diagnosis can be a mixed blessing. You knew there was something wrong and now your child can get the help they need. On the other hand, conventional treatment means taking drugs which only mask the symptoms and often have unwanted side effects.

Homeopathic medicines work with the body in helping the emotions, mental state and body all get back into balance. We will also advise you on other measures you can take to optimize your child’s health and wellness including supplementation, diet and reducing environmental toxins. Once the symptoms are no longer being expressed, your child will no longer require the homeopathic medicine. They may simply need a top up dose during times of stress.

Your child does not need to have a diagnosis to be helped with homeopathy. Homeopathy balances symptoms and we are not interested in names. At Pure Life Homeopathy, we have successfully helped children with phobias, night terrors, developmental delays, aggression, shyness, bed wetting and a number of other behavioral issues using classical homeopathy.

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