Homeopathy for Colic in Babies

This is often one of the first things you may have to deal with as a new mom. Your child screams and you can’t comfort them. It completely demoralizes you as you feel helpless and exhausted. A vicious cycle can be created as the more the baby cries, the worse you feel and the less able you are to do anything about it.

Colic can occur in both breast or bottle fed babies and is an issue to do with their immature digestive system. It’s spasmodic pain usually caused by trapped gas. Passing gas usually only temporarily helps as more is created.

Some common factors responsible for colic are:

  1. Intolerance to breast or formula milk
  2. Moms anxiety
  3. Moms diet if she’s breast feeding
  4. Baby feeding too quickly
  5. Baby gulping air as they feed.
  6. Teething

Help is here! There are several excellent homeopathic remedies to resolve the symptoms of colic and ensure a healthier digestive system. Homeopathy treats the individual and not the disease so we get to know you and your baby as individuals. The choice of homeopathic remedy depends on the exact symptoms your baby has.

No two individuals will be exactly the same and homeopathy takes theses nuances into consideration to find the best match for baby’s symptoms. For instance, some babies feel better stretched out when they have colic while others feel better bringing their knees up to their chest. Some babies become constipated while others get diarrhea. Some vomit while others pass gas. Some are worse from frequent feeding while others get colic if a meal is delayed.

We select only the best match for your baby’s individual needs.

Homeopathy can also be wonderful for new moms. It’s a chance for moms to be fully heard and supported during this time of  overwhelming emotions. A Homeopathic remedy can help tremendously in the early days of being a mom with such things as anxiety, bonding issues, post- partum healing and lactation. A relaxed and happy mom makes for a relaxed and happy baby!

Homeopathic remedies are easy to administer to infants, have no side effects and are none addictive.

Here’s to your happy, healthy baby!


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