Homeopathy for Seasonal Allergies special offer.

Special offer: If you make a distance healing appointment for seasonal allergies during the month of April, mention you saw the offer here to get 15% off the price of your consultation.

There are many homeopathic medicines which will work for allergic symptoms and a good homeopath will consider the entire symptom picture of your experience. Here is a brief description of some symptoms just a few allergy remedies can address. 

Allium – Cepa  (Red onion)

Colds and allergies with copious watery, acrid nasal discharge, watery burning eyes  and sneezing.

Ambrosia Artemisiafolia (Rag-weed)

For ragweed allergy – watery, itchy eyelids,, wheezing, sneezing, nose bleeds, stuffy nose and head.

Aralia Racemosa (American Spikenard)

Hayfever with frequent sneezing worse in Spring. Dry cough and a feeling of constriction in the chest and a sensation of a foreign body in the throat.

Arundo Mauritanica (Reed)

Hay fever which starts with burning and itching of the palate then the ears and nostrils. Loss of smell and sneezing

If the picture fits, give it a try!

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