Homeopathy for viral illnesses


Dr examining a child

Today I went to see my PCP. It had been 2 years since my last visit and I felt fine but figured I should have a routine physical and any testing that I am due for. Because I have an ethical PCP who doesn’t prescribe unnecessary drugs, she had a poster on the wall reminding patients that  antibiotics treat bacterial infections not viral infections.
So if you have a cough, cold, flu, sore throat that isn’t strep, sinusitis, bronchitis, gastroenteritis or shingles, to name the most common viral infections, your physician can only make you more comfortable while you wait for your body to either heal itself or develop a secondary bacterial infection.

That poster was a reminder to me of the uniqueness of homeopathy in enabling the body to heal itself rapidly.

The best time to take a homeopathic medicine is at the first signs of illness. The correct homeopathic medicine can

  • Stop the illness progressing further
  • Stop symptoms from becoming severe
  • Enable you to get over your illness much quicker than usual
  • Prevent a secondary infection
  • Stop you contracting an epidemic illness if taken prophylactically

Homeopathy is a great option for both your health and your wallet!

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