Homeopathy for Wasp Stings

I was unfortunate enough to be stung twice by a wasp the other day while I was gardening. It was in my hair and I frantically swatted around my head to get it out which resulted in it flying into the neck of my shirt. It stung me on the shoulder and then proceeded on down my arm, stinging me again on the elbow before I could rip my shirt off.

My first reaction was to be irrationally angry with the wasp whose only fault was being waspy.

I knew I was in for a big local allergic reaction as the last time I got stung only once my entire arm was painfully red, stiff and swollen for many days. Even mosquito bites have me swollen up and in pain. So what remedies should I take?



Day 1

The first thing I took was Vespa which is a remedy made from a wasp sting and which would help to neutralize the venom.

I followed it with staphysagria which is indicated when you feel angry when being hurt.

Then histaminum, the homeopathic form of antihistamine.

I alternated between the 3 remedies for 24 hours after which time I could see the venom wasn’t going to cause a big problem. I had a 2 inch diameter red area around each sting site but it was contained there.

Day 2

For the next day I alternated between staphysagria and histaminum and it was pretty decent.

Day 3

Was the worst with increased pain, redness and swelling so I switched from staphysagria to apis. Although apis is made from the sting of a bee, it can help with any condition marked by red, shiny, swollen, hot skin. I also used ice cold compresses which made me a little more comfortable.

Day 4

I could no longer see where I’d been stung! My arm still felt a little sensitive to the touch at the sites of the stings but all visible signs had completely disappeared.

Day 5

What sting?

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