Homeopathy in Africa

I’m recently back from a 6 week volunteering trip with Homeopathy for Health in Africa. I was based in Moshi Tanzania and wanted to share some reflections here. In the first photo, I’m visiting a patient in their home. This lady is 104! The second image is a homeopathy study group with members of the Massai tribe who are very interested in learning to use homeopathy with their community. the third photo is of children at a school where Homeopathy for Health in Africa does a monthly clinic for the albino children in particular. Interestingly, those children with hearing problems are making great progress with homeopathy even when that isn’t the presenting problem being treated. The next image is the view from where I was staying of Mount Kilimanjaro on a clear day. It was breathtaking! The last Image is the outside of the Homeopathy Center in Moshi, Tanzania.

me standing outside the homeopathy office in Moshi

So I’ve been in Moshi Tanzania for 10 days now. I’ve been seeing patients at the Homeopathy Center in Moshi and also at a number of busy out react clinics in schools and peoples homes. I’m working alongside 3 local homeopaths with 1 of the homeopaths interpreting for me.
At the Center, HIV/AIDS patients are seen free of charge and others are charged a nominal fee – about $1.
At the outreach clinics, patients receive free treatment as they are often subsistence farmers with no other means of income. The person who is hosting the clinic in their home , gets paid and those with HIV/AIDs are given a food parcel.

We’ve been treating people with malaria, TB, side effects of ARV drugs, H-Pylori and numerous parasitic skin afflictions. Mweka – one of the outreach clinics) gets very cold and so, at this time of year, people complain of coughs and arthritic pains from the change in the weather from Summer to their ‘small’ rainy season. That means it rains for a few hours each day but if we’re lucky it’s during the night.
We’ve seen a couple of people with really horrible injuries to their legs. They can’t afford hospital treatment so they go every 2 days to get their dressings changed by a nurse and we treat them with homeopathy.

I met many wonderful people whom I will keep in touch with. It was an inspiring experience.

If you’d like to make a regular donation to their work, you can do so on the HHA website.

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