Homeopathy sees everything is connected

Many practitioners from various healing disciplines talk about being holistic but don’t necessarily walk the talk. As far as homeopaths are concerned, we are holistic practitioners because we treat the person as a whole. You are one person with one body so it makes sense that everything is connected, right? if you hurt your big toe, it has a knock on effect on your mood, energy, sleep and possibly more.co

Further more, if you have a chronic health issue it’s vitally important for your health practitioner to take into account how you are affected as a whole being so that you can fully recover.

When you come to see me, I want you to be free to talk about how you are feeling in general and how you are affected by your illness as well as the symptoms themselves. In this way, I will have the information I need to select a great healing remedy jus for you. Two people with the same diagnosis don’t necessarily need the same remedy.

I also look at your life situation and lifestyle to see where changes could be made and  will support you in making those changes to bring your life into greater balance and raise your health over all. in this way positive change in all areas of your life is long lasting.

Homeopathy is Holistic.

Homeopathy is individualized.

Everything you share is valued and heard.

I look forward to helping you heal through homeopathy!

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