The Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccination

If you are a parent concerned about the potential dangers of vaccinating your children, we are delighted to be able to offer you a proven homeopathic alternative to childhood vaccines.

We offer a comprehensive long term homeoprophylaxis program (HP). The main program covers the major, serious epidemic illnesses in North America and takes 6 years to complete. Also included are supplementary homeopathic medicines which can be used to give additional protection if exposure is likely during a localized outbreak.

What is Homeoprophylaxis (HP)?

HP is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of infectious diseases. Homeopathic medicines are used in accordance with homeopathic principles of administering. The appropriate use of HP requires both skill and care and we will work together with you as parents and guardians in giving your child the best possible protection.

Which epidemics are covered in the HP program?

The following medicines are included in the main childhood program as of 2017. They may be updated based on current mortality figures for North America:

Meningococcus (meningococcal disease)

Pertussin (whooping cough)

Pneumococcus (pneumococcal disese)

Tetanus nosode (tetanus)

Haemophilis –Hib (haemophilus disease)

Some parents prefer their children only receive HP for the above serious illnesses, believing children should be allowed to contract simple infectious diseases. However, if you have concerns, we can also provide additional protection for the following:

Polio, Measles, Hep B, Rota Virus, tetanus wounds.

In addition we recommended for everybody

Yearly oscillococcinum (flu)

During pregnancy:

Varicella (chicken pox)

Rubella (German measles)

How long does immunity from homeoprophylaxis last?

Like vaccines, the length of protection with homeoprophylaxis is uncertain – more research is needed. One study concerning diphtheria and homeoprophylaxis showed that protection was still present at 10 years.

Our program using 200c and 10M potentized remedies is expected to last 10yrs unless there is a severe trauma to the immune system.

What are the benefits of Homeoprophylaxis?

  1. It is very safe

Remedies used in this HP program are prepared using the centesimal scale of potentization which involves a dilution ratio of 1:100 at every step. According to a law of physics called Avogadro’s number, by the time the substance gets to 12c, there are no more molecules of the original substance left in the medicinal solution. For this reason, both orthodox and homeopathic practitioners agree that the homeopathic medicines are nontoxic. This does not however mean that there are no active ingredients remaining and millions of people can testify homeopathy works.

As with conventional immunization, short term reactions can occur following administering a dose. The overwhelming experience of most children using the HP program shows that reactions are unlikely and those that do occur are usually mild and brief. The rate of reactions to homeopathic medicines in the program are significantly less than experienced with vaccination. In Dr.Golden’s 15 year clinical study on 100 children, definite reactions were experienced in less than 1.5% of doses. Of these only 1.5% were described as strong, 55.4% were mild and 43.1% were moderate. 87.8% of those who showed definite reactions lasted between 1-5 days.

With HP, sensible steps are taken in scheduling remedies one at a time and at monthly intervals to ensure maximum tolerance.

  1. It can improve your child’s long term health.

Recent research has looked at the long-term health patterns of children following immunisation by either vaccines or homeoprophylaxis, or total avoidance of immunisation. Statistical evidence gathered in a 15 year study and a General Health Survey of children between the ages of 4–12 years by Dr Isaac Golden (Swinburne University) showed that children protected via homeopathy had a relatively lower incidence of asthma, eczema, ear infections, allergies, and behavioural problems compared to vaccinated and unvaccinated children in the study. Conversely, the children with the worst health outcomes were those from the vaccinated group. These children were 15 times more likely to have asthma than those immunised homeopathically and 6 times more likely than those who used no method of immunity.

What’s the evidence in support of HP?

Homeoprophylaxis has been successfully used since 1798 when Dr. Hahnemann first used potentized belladonna to prevent scarlet fever. Since then there have been a number of studies with sample sizes ranging from 100 to 9 million, using different statistical techniques and producing consistent results. Studies suggest 90% effectiveness. This is equivalent to most vaccines.

What degree of protection does my child receive from this program?

It is important to be aware that no method of immunisation, either homeoprophylaxis or vaccination, will provide 100% immunity. Contracting and overcoming an infectious disease naturally gives the best immunity but still not total immunity. Studies show that homeoprophylaxis provides around 90% protection, a figure that is similar to, or better than, the protection provided by vaccines. The Children’s Homeopathic Immunisation Program is also based on recent research (Dr Isaac Golden, Swinburne University, Melbourne) which shows that the high potencies of this program last longer and provide better protection than the frequent repetitions of lower potencies that may be used in other homeoprophylaxis programs.

There are two significant points to consider when comparing HP with vaccination.

  • Vaccination and HP appear to be comparably effective.
  • The overwhelming weakness of vaccination is that the long term impact of the procedure on the overall wellbeing of recipients has not been researched. This means that true long term safety is unknown.

Does it matter If I am late starting the program?

The program has been designed to be flexible. You can start at any time, even if your child is older than the recommended one month. Your will soon catch up by ignoring the “gap” months in the program. Just give the remedies as advised, one at a time, one month apart, until your child catches up to their age category.

Call the office to schedule a free half hour meet and greet appointment with our board certified homeopathic consultant to find out more about homeoprophylaxis for your family today.

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