How to take homeopathic remedies

How to take remedies for an acute illness or situation

Acute illness produces symptoms that appear very quickly, are relatively short in duration, and go through a typical progression of changes. This includes injuries, fevers, colds, cuts, bruising, teething, stomach upsets, etc.

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Homeopathy sets the body right again through its gentle powerful action, much more quickly than doing nothing. You will experience milder symptoms and recover faster.

Potency (this is the strength of the remedy)

Choose the potency based on the severity of the symptoms. If someone is in a lot of pain or other type of distress, select a higher potency. So if you have a 6c and a 30c, give the 30c. If you have a 200c, you can even give that. For mild symptoms a 6c may be all you need.

Dose (This is the quantity and repetition of the remedy)

Two  pills or drops is generally one homeopathic dose. Tip them into the lid and from there under your tongue to dissolve. Try not to touch them and don’t tip any back into the vial in case you contaminate them. Taking more than two won’t harm you but is unnecessary for most people.

  • If a condition comes on fast and furious, give the remedy every 15 minutes.
  • If the onset is slower and less intense, give the remedy every 2–4 hours.
  • If the onset is mild, give the remedy every 4–6 hours.
  • If the condition is quite slow to heal, as with a muscle strain, give the remedy 2–3 times per day for a few days.

Stop repeating the remedy as soon as there is improvement of symptoms. Repeat only if there is a return of symptoms.

In all cases, if there is improvement after the first dose, you can stop. If there is no response after the third dose, try a different remedy. Repeat the remedy only if there is a return of any symptom.

Possible Reactions

Sometimes you may get good results from a remedy, but then it fails to hold. At this point, you will need to administer the same remedy with more frequency. If there is still no holding power, the case may need to be reassessed and another remedy sought. It might be that the first choice was not quite similar enough to the symptoms. Or the first remedy was needed but now the illness has moved on, and requires another remedy to complement the first remedy given.

How to store your remedies

Remedies should be stored in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, strong sunlight, and electrical equipment. Do not let your remedies stay within ten feet of a cellphone, cordless digital phones, microwave ovens, computers, or stereo equipment. Remedies made in the traditional way by reputable homeopathic pharmacies will keep their potency for years. If you store the remedies properly, they can last a lifetime. There are cases of remedies being 100 years old and still working just fine.

if you’re interested in knowing how homeopathic remedies are made, click here to watch a short video. 

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