Instructions for dosing with Homeopathic Medicines

water-splashThis post is  of particularly relevance to enable our clients to get the most benefit from choosing homeopathy.These scenarios and instructions will teach you the optimum way to take the medicines to get the most benefit. Remember in homeopathy, more is not better. 1 drop can be enough.


You take one or two doses and you feel completely better. Great! Only take the remedy as you need to (symptoms start to get worse again). If that’s 5 minutes, or one day, that’s fine. This is more likely to happen in an acute situation.


You take the medicine and nothing happens. That’s fine as long as you get a response from repeated doses. In a chronic condition, it can take up to 1 month to see lasting results but most people can expect to see positive changes within the first month. If you get no response from the 8thor 9thdose in an acute illness, you need a different medicine. If you were given two remedies to try, move on to the next one. If not, contact the office for an alternative medicine.


You take the medicine and you seem worse. Stop dosing. It’s a sign the medicine is working with your immune system and you don’t need any more at this point. This reaction shouldn’t last long. It’s important only to take another dose after you see an improvement and then relapse again. As long as you continue to improve you do not need a further dose. Too frequent doses can aggravate the symptoms further. If you need relief from these aggravated symptoms, contact the office for advice.


The one thing that is important to remember is only to take a dose as needed.


Homeopathic medicine should be taken on a clean palate. Me 2016 Allow at least 15 minutes before and after eating or drinking to take your remedy.

It is also important to be observant of the changes taking place in your system. To that end, you might want to keep a journal or notes on any noticeable changes or shifts in your symptoms or health.

May you be safe…may you be happy…may you be healthy…may you be at ease.

Shahin Afnan CCH, RSHom(NA) CCT



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