One Homeopathic remedy is all you need.

Did you know that you only need one homeopathic remedy to heal multiple illnesses?

It’s true !


Homeopathy treats the whole person not the disease. What I mean by that is all the various symptoms you produce at one time make up a complete picture of how you are reacting to an imbalance in your health. A good homeopath will find a remedy that will heal you constitutionally and get your entire system working more effectively.

That sounds amazing but still, how can one remedy do all that?

Every single homeopathic remedy, is capable of affecting you on many different energetic levels. We know this from ‘provings’. A proving is where healthy volunteers have taken large amounts of a substance to induce symptoms which are then carefully recorded. In this way we get a symptom picture of the remedy. From that we know that every remedy can affect change on a mental, emotional and physical level.

So the correct remedy is made from a substance which can produce my symptoms?

That’s right. But it will only do that in a person who doesn’t already have your symptoms and the effect will disappear when the person stops taking the homeopathic remedy. When a naturally occurring substance is made into a homeopathic remedy it’s chemical structure is altered to a point where it’s not capable of producing side effects. Homeopathic remedies are safe for even babies and the elderly.


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