Pets are Good for Your Health



Shortly after we got our stray cat, I started wheezing. I didn’t put two and two together at first – I thought I was suffering from an infection or hay fever. It didn’t go away so I got allergy tested and it turns out I was allergic to cats and cockroaches. Fortunately we didn’t have roaches but what was to be done about the new addition to the family? We had gotten him from Geauga Humane Society and he had been there for some time. He was an adult cat who had been found on the streets. He had mites, badly scarred ears and an eye infection. The folks at Geauga Humane Society gave him the care and attention he needed and by the time we met him his condition was managed simply with a powder and eye drops. They had named him Buddha.

My seven-year-old stepson re-named him Gre(y)gory – a seven year old’s pun on his grey coloring. Gregory was a little skittish at first but soon mellowed into becoming a lap cat. It was love! So, enough about why we couldn’t possibly give up Gregory, what about my wheezing lungs? The last thing I wanted was to have a chronic health condition – Oh and did I mention not being able to pet Gregory?

My physician wanted me to take 2 inhalers and a nebulizer. This was sounding serious! I decided to look for an alternative. Years prior to living in Ohio I had seen a homeopath and gotten great results. Now I tried homeopathy again. Using homeopathic medicines, I was able to wean off my inhalers and nebulizer over the course of some months. It was not a quick fix but there again, I was living with an obstacle to cure; a continual irritant – namely Gregory. And when the remedies enabled my immune system to heal my lungs, the results were long lasting.

Through returning to homeopathy as my first line of medicine I re-evaluated my goals and beliefs and decided to become a classical homeopath myself. It has not been easy. There have been years of rigorous study but I’ve never looked back. I could not be happier than when I am sharing this amazing healing art with my clients. It is also keeping me in good health!

Although we call him Gregory, to me he really is a Buddha. Without Gregory I would probably not be a homeopath today. I have been symptom and medication free for years now and both Gregory and I are thriving and still together.

Be well! Shahin Afnan Homeopath




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