Remedies for Vacation Part 2 Travel Sickness

If you know you or someone in your travel party feel ill with motion, you’d better not leave without reading about these two remedies for travel sickness.


Made from tobacco leaves. If you’ve ever smoked too much, you can imagine the feelings it can help with.

Indications for it’s use are:

The homeopathic remedy tobacum

Constant deathly nausea.

Vomiting renewed by the least motion

Feeling light headed with a pale face

Great general lassitude

Pain in the stomach

A cold sweat

The person may feel better by having the  abdomen uncovered, as it eases the nausea and vomiting produced by motion.

Another great remedy for motion sickness is

Cocculus Indicus

Botanical Name: Anamirta cocculus

The homeopathic remedy cocculus indicus

Indications for its use are:

Nausea from riding in a car or on a boat, from looking at moving objects and from motion.

Vertigo and faintness when rising up

Headache, with a strange feeling in head

Spasmodic pains in stomach

You can help the person feel more comfortable by having them lie on their side and close their eyes.


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