Remedies to take on vacation Part 1 Sunstroke

Here is some useful information on homeopathic remedies I like to bring along on a summer vacation.


It is the number one remedy to go to in cases of sunstroke!

Homeopathic remedy, Glonoinum

Confirmatory symptoms for this remedy are:

A bursting headache, Fullness of the head; distinct feeling of a pulse in the head; throbbing with or without pain. A distinct pulsation might be felt all over the body, especially at the back of the neck and head.

As well as giving the remedy, you can use cold applications,  and apply pressure to the painful areas. It’s also important to keep hydrated.

Another useful sun stroke remedy is

Camphora Officinalis

Confirmatory symptoms for this remedy are:

Homeopathic remedy Camphor

A constrictive and throbbing pain at the base of the scull.

Another way of describing it is that there is a sensation of constriction in the brain and the person may turn their head to the side or backward to try to relieve it.

Fainting spells.

The body is icy cold with cold sweat.


They feel better when lying down.


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