image_02If you are choosing classical homeopathy for a chronic condition- one which recurs or which you’ve had for a long time and is getting progressively worse, you owe it to yourself to book a constitutional consultation.
The difference between an acute and a chronic condition can be confusing. To clarify, a common cold which clears up in around a week is an acute illness. However if you suffer from sinus infections, bronchitis or tonsillitis following every cold you get, those complications are chronic conditions. Chronic conditions are signs that your immune system is compromised and that’s where homeopathy can be really effective in restoring your health.

A constitutional consultation takes about 2 hours and is a time for your condition to be fully understood.  The information you give your homeopath will be used to gain a unique picture of how you are affected by your condition and determines which homeopathic medicine will work best for you.

Homeopathic medicines will not stop your existing medications or supplements from working.

The homeopath will usually need additional time to research into the best matching remedy for you and you will generally receive your remedy with instructions a few days later.

Follow up appointments

At Pure Life Homeopathy we schedule follow up appointments 3 -4 weeks apart initially and then spread them further apart as you progress. At follow up, the homeopath will check that you are progressing satisfactorily and make any necessary changes to your remedy.

The importance of keeping follow up appointments

It is important that you follow up regularly so that we can keep you progressing towards full health with any medicine changes or adjunct therapies you may need. If you have a chronic condition, it is possible that you may need a series of remedies in order to fully heal.

It would be great if, for every complaint, you only needed 1 medicine at 1 strength and therefore only 1 visit and you would be done. For an acute illness this is often the case, however, for a chronic condition of longstanding it is rarely the case for the following reasons:

  • A chronic condition represents an inherited tendency and not only the symptoms but the tendency to those symptoms needs to be reversed for them to be truly eradicated.
  • This is deep healing and you are likely to need several different potencies of the same remedy to allow your system to heal itself on different energetic levels.
  • You are likely to need additional medicines as your symptoms change. Peeling an onion can be a useful analogy.
  • You will not be able to gauge your progress on your own. What can look like a step backwards can in fact be a healing crisis or require a slight adjustment in the way you take your medicine so that you tolerate it better.
  • A trained homeopath will be able to support and guide you on your healing journey. You are not alone!

Constitutional Service for Children

We appreciate that children can not usually manage a lengthy interview and we therefore split the initial consultation into two parts. The first consultation is with the caregiver and will take approximately one hour. The second consultation is with the caregiver and child and is an opportunity for the homeopath to observe the child.

A 2 hour adult constitutional telehealth consultation costs $225 

Two I hour child’s constitutional telehealth consultations cost $200 

Follow up telehealth appointments are $85

Book Your Appointment Online!

Our user-friendly online schedule makes it easy and convenient to book telehealth consultations on the days and times that are most convenient for you. You can also phone the office direct for an appointment on (216) 407-4519.

All consultations are by appointment only. Payment in USD or GBP only.