A focused visit is a 1 hour visit that focuses only on your presenting complaint.

This may be an option if you meet one of the following criteria:
* Your health is usually good but you have experienced a recent change such as pregnancy, menopause, childbirth or bereavement.
* You have not fully recovered following a viral infection, surgery, trauma or other illness or medical procedure.
* You are looking for natural means to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, x-rays or other toxins.
* You want to use natural means to lessen the effects of the trauma of dental work, surgery or other invasive procedures.
* You are a relatively healthy person but feel your immune system is below par because you are getting frequent mild illnesses and infections.

If, after reading this, you think a focused visit is a good fit for you or your child, please discuss it with the homeopath at time of booking.


$135 for a 60-90 minute focused visit. 

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