Cell salts are a wonderful addition to a homeopathic regime. They are homeopathic preparations of mineral salts necessary for healthy cell function. They are most effective taken often and over several months for chronic imbalance but can also be a terrific asset in warding off acute infections.cell salts

Cell salts stimulate the organs to function better in the long term and have a tonic effect. They can correct a disturbance of the minerals in the body. They can be used for over/under usage of minerals and production of enzymes and hormones.

This makes cell salts a great choice for use at home for growing children, for the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, recovery from surgery, during chemotherapy, allergic constitutions, people under a physical stress of some sort. Cell salts can be safely used alongside a constitutional homeopathic remedy and will not necessitate stopping the remedy. This is a good choice if you get an acute illness during your constitutional treatment.
Some cell salts work well together—like Calc phos and Ferrum phos (for anemia), Calc phos and Kali phos (after an acute illness), or Calc phos and Mag phos (for cramps and growing pains in youngsters).

We can provide information on cell salts and will recommend an appropriate cell salt for your condition. We can also provide a complete home kit of 12 cell salts and straight forward guide book. I recommend using cell salts fur acute illnesses during constitutional homeopathic healing as they can safely be taken alongside your remedy without causing any interference.

Please contact the office if you are interested.