autism image smallIt is devastating for parents when they receive a diagnosis of autism for their child.

If this has happened to you or your loved ones, take a moment to familiarize yourself with what homeopathy has to offer. It is an ideal way forward for super sensitive individuals as there are no side effects and remedies are highly diluted yet deep acting. More importantly, it works!

Of all the alternative and complementary therapies, homeopathy stands out as being the most effective for improving overall health and development in the long run.

In our experience, individuals with ASD and other developmental disorders respond very well to homeopathy under the guidance of a qualified homeopath.

Classical Homeopathy for Autism

Based on your child’s unique characteristics, our accredited Homeopath will select a homeopathic remedy which will act as a catalyst to boost their immune system and vital energy. This is known as their constitutional remedy. Many autistic children need no other method of healing but this to continue healing and reaching developmental milestones.

Extra benefits of working with Pure Life Homeopathy

  1. Individuals with ASD often have digestive issues and difficulty absorbing the much needed nutrients from their food. At Pure Life Homeopathy we can offer you advice on the best and cleanest nutrition and supplements for those with ASD.
  2. We offer tips on creating an optimal environment for your child from avoiding oxidative stress to creating a healthy sleep environment.
  3. We believe in being your allies in your child’s healing journey. Our accredited homeopath is available to answer questions or concerns about your child’s homeopathy by text or e-mail in between visits.

Many individuals need nothing more than the correct remedy to keep them progressing until they no longer meet the criteria for the label ASD. Others benefit from the specific programs we also offer. Your child’s healing plan will be constantly evaluated and individualized based on their developing needs to keep them progressing optimally.

Because of the unique way homeopathic medicines work in the body, autism can be greatly helped with classical homeopathy. The correct remedy can enable the autistic child to metabolize nutrients their brains so desperately need as well as detoxify their systems.

See this link for a case history and testimonials.

What to expect from the initial consultation

We appreciate that children can not usually manage a lengthy interview and we therefore split the initial consultation into two parts. The first consultation is with the caregiver and will take approximately one hour. The second consultation is with the caregiver and child and is an opportunity for the homeopath to observe the child. If it’s more appropriate, we may ask the parent to send a video of typical behaviors so that we can observe them. All consultations are via telehealth at this time for your protection.

The initial 2 part telehealth consultation is $300 
Monthly follow up telehealth consultations cost $90 
Ongoing support and guidance from the homeopath between consultations is available to the caregivers via e-mail, text or phone at no charge.

We have selected some powerful further reading for you:

Indian homeopath Dr. M.A. Rajalakshm has written two papers on the successful treatment of autism with homeopathy:
Role of Homoeopathy in the Management of Autism: Study of Effects of Homoeopathic Treatment on the Autism Triad
New Dimensions in the Treatment of Autism with Homeopathy

A Drug-Free Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder by Ian R. Luepker

Cured cases are discussed on the website Homeopathy for Autism: Reversing Autism (Part 1)

On Dr. Paful M. Barvalia discusses A Case of Autism and homeopath David Johnson also discusses A Case of Autism

Homeopathy and Autism Success Stories

Amy Lansky is the author of the bestselling book Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy. Homeopathy cured Amy’s son Max: Max’s Story – A Carcinosin Cure. There are also an impressive number of success stories on Lansky’s website: Impossible Cure Story Database

Books about Homeopathy and Autism

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Ullman, Judyth Reichenberg, Robert Ullman and Ian Luepker, A Drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism: Homeopathic Care for Exceptional Kids. Picnic Point Press, 2005.

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