divorce-1021280_640A woman in her early 30s came to see me after going through a divorce. The background story was her husband had left her for another woman and she had no idea about his affair. It’s a common story and one which can leave us questioning everything about ourselves. What’s wrong with me? I can’t bear to trust anyone and be hurt again. I didn’t choose to be alone! I’ll never have children now. What I thought were the best years of my life were a complete lie.

She felt cast out and unable to ask friends or family for the support she desperately needed.
Her emotional turmoil had led to a number of symptoms including depression, feeling overwhelmed, loss of appetite and weight, craving sugar, hair loss, acne, irregular and scanty periods.

Initially I gave her a remedy for the essential symptom of needing love and support. When she came back for her follow up, she felt more resilient, was coping better with work, was cooking nutritious meals for herself and was getting used to living alone.

But still there was still something deeper bothering her. This time she was able to talk about her fear that she wouldn’t meet anyone else and wouldn’t be able to have the children she desperately wanted. I used her wanting children as the essence of the case this time and gave a corresponding remedy. When she came back again, all her symptoms were much improved! She was a confident, vivacious young woman again. She was eating well and exercising moderately, the sugar craving had gone, her periods were regular and normal, her skin was clear and her hair was glossy and luxurious. There was no need for a different remedy.