A Case Study of Homeopathy for Chronic Infections

‘I’m sick of being sick!’
This client came complaining of back to back sinus infections which turn into bronchitis several times a year with a dry hacking cough. She felt she was very susceptible to constant viral infections as she worked with young children. She was fatigued and couldn’t keep up with her workload.
She had a history of recurring strep throat and mononucleosis as a child and had been treated with lots of antibiotics.
When she got sick, the illness took a long time to clear up.
Her work was suffering as she couldn’t keep up and she was afraid of losing her job.
She described her symptoms like this:
It starts with a feeling of something crawling in the back of the nose and throat. She often also got a cold sore. It progresses to a stuffy nose and she has to breathe through her mouth. Next she gets a very painful sore throat. It burns and her tonsils have red streaks. Along with this, she gets a low grade fever, a dull headache, puffy eyes and becomes fatigued. The fatigue stays with her until the illness resolves which can be 2 weeks even with antibiotics. The next stage of the typical illness consists of a dry cough with itching on the chest. The cough becomes harder and comes in spasms. She will cough until she vomits. She also loses her voice.
I decided to give her a homeopathic remedy based on her history of having frequent strep throat as her symptoms were very similar to how this presents. Because antibiotics suppress the immune system, her body had not had the opportunity to fully rid itself of the bacteria.
At the first follow up, she let me know that she took a dose of her remedy at the first sign of a sore throat and her symptoms went away in a day. She had no fever or cough all month.
She was still stressed about her work due to being exhausted. She was having some symptoms of panic attacks such as feeling as if she can’t breathe and hyperventilating.
I decided to add support for her adrenal glands and told her to continue with her remedy for strep throat once a week.
At the second follow up, she told me she had had an incident with the sensation of a tickle in her throat, lotsof mucus drainage and her glands had felt swollen. She took a dose of her remedy and was again better the next morning. She noticed that every time she took her remedy, she got a lot of drainage and then felt much clearer afterwards. This was a good sign to me that the remedy was working as a catalyst for her immune system. She was having mild symptoms which resolved quickly without the need for any medical intervention. Her energy had also increased which in turn, reduced her stress at work.
By the third follow up all her symptoms had resolved. I instructed her to take another dose of her remedy as needed at the first sign of a viral illness. She has been doing well without the need for a further visit and without any allopathic medicines for 2 years


When my homeopath moved out of the city, I was distraught as I enjoy using homeopathy to support my holistic well-being. The moment I met Shahin, I knew I had found the right person to take over my care. She was kind, present, thorough, supportive and gave me and my son her fullest attention both in person and during phone consults. Although my case is complicated, she always does her very best to find out the key issue to address and guides me to sticking with the protocol to ensure the best results. I trust her completely not only for my own pain and depression issues but also with my 5 year old little boy. She is a gift to our community. Deb B. RYT, Chronic Pain Specialist

I am happy to report that on the morning after my first dose of the remedy, I awakened without a sore throat for the first time in about six months. It was like magic! Nothing was environmentally different, so I can contribute it all to your recommended treatment. C.B