Homeopathy for Insomnia

This is a particularly common issue for women over the age of 50. I wanted to write about a case which illustrates how individualized homeopathic healing is for such a common problem. Never lose sight of the individual!
This patient was the main breadwinner in the family and had recently lost her full time job through no fault of hers. She had financial worries for sure but there was also a strong emotional component as she felt she was a failure and that people would think she was stupid. She would generally lie awake until 3 or 4am and then wake too early. When she finally got to sleep, she had nightmares of being attacked.
She also had arthritic pain which had a squeezing character to it on the heals and also the balls of her feet. And she had a deep ache in her knees and hips which was worse with standing. Her legs stiffened up if she stood for any length of time. ‘How can I get a job if I can’t stand?’ “I feel so old.’ She lamented.
By carefully considering this set of symptoms:
• Delusion will fail
• Delusion is inferior
• Sleepless until 3-4am
• Wake early
• Dreams of being attacked
• Squeezing pain in the feet
• Ache hips and knees made worse by standing.
• Leg joints stiff, worse standing.
I was able to find the similimum. She phoned a few months later to say that her leg pain and insomnia were better and this had given her the confidence to apply for and get a new job. She does have to be on her feet for most of the day but it isn’t a problem like it used to be.


I began consulting with Shahin Afnan when I wanted to stop taking HRT prescriptions. I sought out Shahin after hearing her speak about homeopathy. I had several symptoms associated with menopause that were bothering me. She did a thorough interview to decide what remedies would best help my symptoms. She is an excellent listener and an intuitive practitioner. I trust Shahin with my health issues. I continue to learn more about homeopathy each visit. If you are looking for alternative health options, Pure Life Homeopathy should be where you start the journey. Donna M

Thanks so much for your help. Our son is doing great, sleeping better and has beautiful skin again. We appreciate you and your help very much! M.L.