A Case Study of How Homeopathy works for Symptoms During Menopause

This client came to me with a red rash all over her torso and arms for the past 4 months. It was extremely itchy. She was also going through the menopause at the time.
Before she tried homeopathy she had tried changing her diet and using ointment from the dermatologist, neither of which worked. She had an allergy to gold plated jewelry, nickel, mercury, epoxy resin. She was making sure that she didn’t wear any items containing these things but the rash continued to flare up.
It had first started when her dog was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently died. This year, two of her children were planning their weddings. She felt stress was a factor in her flare ups for sure.
She described the symptoms as a painful itch like pin pricks which was made worse by her clothes rubbing her skin.
To make matters worse, she was experiencing hot flashes daily. She would get them mostly in the evening and during the night. They lasted a couple of minutes.
She also got migraines which started with an aura of flashing lights and she would get tooth pain at the same time.
After taking her constitutional case, I decided to give a remedy for ailments which manifest during the menopause.
At the first follow up, she described how her nickel allergy had showed up more and then subsided. Her rash was paler and the itch was less. She still had hot flashes but they were less intense. She also said she had better energy and a more positive outlook on life.
I asked her to continue taking the remedy as her symptoms were improving.
At the second follow up, the rash had gone. Her skin was feeling itchy in spots without a rash about once a week. Her hot flashes had disappeared and she had not had a migraine over the past month.
We didn’t plan another follow up but she knew she could call me any time if she needed anything further. I saw her again after a year for an unrelated acute problem and she let me know that she had not had any recurrence of the rash despite the stress of two family weddings.
This case illustrates beautifully how homeopathy works for the whole person. Although she came seeking help only for the rash, homeopathy was also able to help with her other complaints of migraines and hot flashes. I knew she would continue to heal when she said her energy and mood had improved. A single homeopathic remedy healed her in a truly holistic way.


I began consulting with Shahin Afnan when I wanted to stop taking HRT prescriptions. I sought out Shahin after hearing her speak about homeopathy. I had several symptoms associated with menopause that were bothering me. She did a thorough interview to decide what remedies would best help my symptoms. She is an excellent listener and an intuitive practitioner. I trust Shahin with my health issues. I continue to learn more about homeopathy each visit. If you are looking for alternative health options, Pure Life Homeopathy should be where you start the journey. Donna M

I am always happy when I leave. Shahin is helping me. It’s hard to find a homeopath that is so dedicated. I don’t know what I’d do without her..P.H.