A Case Study of How Homeopathy works for Autism

This is a 4 and a half year old boy. Parents brought him to see me following a diagnosis of mild ASD.

This is the information from our intake visit:
He had tested high for levels of lead.
He was vaccinated.
He had a dry cough twice a year and was occasionally wheezy.
He was not potty trained.
He was unable to use language purposefully.
He was able to imitate single words.
He showed no social interaction with peers and only interacted with parents when he wanted them to give him something; such as pulling them to a cupboard.
He would fixate on the iPhone screen for hours.
He would also perform repetitive cause and effect actions such as flipping the light switch on and off and opening and closing the door.
He enjoyed playing with balls, balloons and being in water.
When excited, he would flap his hands, scream and rub his fingers together.
The first improvements seen were improved eye contact. He then improved in his verbal understanding and speech. He was soon able to put 2 words together purposefully such as, ’eat more’.
2 months later his stimming behaviors stopped. He enjoyed hugs and kisses. He would choose to stay in the room with peers at social events. He was more physically confident and liked to play football with his Dad for 5 minutes at a time.
He had a setback due to taking a combination remedy for a cough which had not been prescribed by the homeopath. This resulted in him stammering. However, he continued to make progress in other ways. His motor skills improved to where he could play on a trampoline, tricycle and swing. He also became potty trained during the day. He would not ask to go to the bathroom but would leave the room and go by himself.
The following month the stammer had ceased and he would say ‘open the door’ when he needed the bathroom. He enjoyed more cuddles with his parents and had started cuddling a teddy bear.
A month later, he started waving hello and goodbye, brushing his own teeth and was able to participate in hand washing by rubbing his hands together.
One month later he was able to wash his hands completely independently. He was able to write the alphabet hand over hand and connect dots on a picture book. He started responding to music and enjoyed strumming a guitar. He needed a diaper only at night and was wet at night 2-3 times a week.
Within 8 months of starting homeopathic treatment at Pure Life Homeopathy, he was able to put together 4 word sentences with understanding and purpose. His eye contact was good. He had stopped being fixated with the iPhone, was able to identify objects seen in books, exploring his environment and playing with a wide range of toys. His comprehension had improved for following directions. He no longer displayed stimming behavior. He was interacting well with adult friends of the family, showed affection and was attempting to play with peers. He was more independent in his self care and much improved in his motor skills.
Healing autism with homeopathy is long term but the gains are also long lasting. The homeopathic medicine acts as a catalyst for the system to heal itself and regain healthy balance.


I am so AMAZED at the turnaround with this remedy, I could cry. Rigidity, rage, and tantrums are almost non-existent. Anxiety is still holding strong but it’s much less than before. She’s so pleasant to be around and so much more easy going.’

We started seeing Shahin, when my daughter was about 20. We have worked on treating her apraxia with many alternative treatments over the years. When we finally opted for homeopathy, I found Shahin. She is kind, and knowledgeable. Shahin puts my daughter at ease. Our daughter struggles with any change in her routine and has some anxiety about being in public. I will never forget that one day after her first remedy, she made changes easily. I was stunned. Homeopathy just makes it easier for her to cope. She has a job she loves, and is able to participate in many things. I never thought I would see the day she could be so fulfilled. I have recommended Shahin to many people because she’s awesome. Totally worth a try! Parent of an adult with ASD