premature babyThis young person was born at 23 weeks gestation which resulted in cerebral palsy with hydrocephalus and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.  2 years ago they had bacterial pneumonia resulting in respiratory failure which took a long recovery time. Ever since then they have had constant severe congestion and coughing all day long making them weak and tired.

Parents came to see me because of their child’s diminishing quality of life.

They needed to be suctioned at least 50 times a day, which was very uncomfortable.  They also needed continuous oxygen. Without oxygen, O2 sats. were around 84* which is not enough for the brain to adequately function. The sputum was thick, slimy, white and bubbly and care givers where suctioning at least 1 litre daily.

The remedy was given through the feeding tube and also sprayed into the room air. Within the first month of taking the homeopathic remedy, their congestion is better by 50%, and  O2 sats. without oxygen are in the 91* -93* range.

Mom reports that they were able to go out with the family over the weekend with no oxygen and had very much enjoyed being with other children for the first time in many months.

We are looking forward to hearing more progress during the second month on homeopathy!