I want to compare the homeopathic care of 2 clients with the same diagnosis .
The first client is a man in his 30’s diagnosed by an MD as having Meniere’s. His symptoms started 5 years ago after he was sacked from a job through no fault of his own. He would get dizzy and nauseous suddenly. He had ringing in his ears, night sweats, blocked ear and a constant need to swallow. Things which he identified as leading to an attack were turning over in bed, looking up, being in bright sunlight, eating dairy and riding in a car. When he first came for help, he was barely able to work because of the severity of his vertigo. Over the course of a few months using homeopathic medicine he was 80% better. At that point he would take another dose only if he felt an attach coming on. Gradually he stopped having attacks at all and is now able to do all the things that used to lead to an attack with no ill effects. He is now on no medication at all. Based on his symptoms and his constitution, the remedy I selected was Calcerea Silicata.

Menieres Disease

The second client also diagnosed with Meniere’s disease is a woman in her 30s with a new baby. She had had a severe ear infection during the pregnancy and had a history of ear infection as a child. As a result her ear drums were scarred. She would get sudden attacks of dizziness with faintness and was very afraid she would drop her baby or otherwise be unable to care for her. Attacks came out of the blue. The only thing she could do during an attack was lie still. With a new addition to the family, she also had money worries. As soon as she was given the correct remedy, she got instant relief. Initially she would still get a feeling of light headedness but a dose of the remedy would stop it progressing. After a few episodes of light headedness where she immediately took the remedy, the episodes decreased and within a couple of months she had no further episodes. She has had no further attacks for the past 2 years.
Based on her symptoms and constitution, the remedy I selected was Bryonia Album.