Autoimmune Disease

Pemphigus foliaceus is an autoimmune disease, which basically means that an individual’s immune systems starts reacting against his or her own tissue.
This is a rare autoimmune blistering diseases affecting skin and/or mucous membranes. Pemphigus foliaceus is characterised by blistering lesions on otherwise healthy-looking skin. Blisters tend to form when the skin is rubbed. This was the case with my patient as she had extensive outbreaks in both armpits for the last 3-4 years. Another name for this disease is Hailey Hailey. My patient had to keep a piece of fabric between her skin or it would become worse with weeping and pain. Her skin felt sticky and the scabs would not heal but kept re-opening. If she raised her arms the skin would tear apart forming what looked like cuts. With the skin being so precarious, she was concerned about getting a secondary infection.
Traditional medicine has no cure for this and the treatment consists of steroids and antibiotics to suppress the inflammation and prevent infection.
At the first follow up appointment, she said that her skin had gotten worse before better but now it was at least 50% improved. On the right arm, there were no open or inflamed areas and on the left, there were still cuts but they weren’t as inflamed.
Three months later, at the second follow up, everything except 2 scabs had completely cleared up. She had only needed 1 remedy to get to this point!
10 weeks later, at the third follow up, there hadn’t been any further improvement. I looked for a deep acting miasmatic remedy – one which is indicated for inherited skin disorders. I gave this alongside a cell salt to promote healing of the skin. Happily, this removed the block to progress and cleared up the remaining lesions in a few weeks.


When my homeopath moved out of the city, I was distraught as I enjoy using homeopathy to support my holistic well-being. The moment I met Shahin, I knew I had found the right person to take over my care. She was kind, present, thorough, supportive and gave me and my son her fullest attention both in person and during phone consults. Although my case is complicated, she always does her very best to find out the key issue to address and guides me to sticking with the protocol to ensure the best results. I trust her completely not only for my own pain and depression issues but also with my 5 year old little boy. She is a gift to our community. Deb B. RYT, Chronic Pain Specialist