Post Concussion Syndrome

This woman came to see me 27 months after a fall for which she had received no previous medical intervention. She had been trying to use homeopathic remedies on her own with little success. She has a prior history of a benign cyst on the right side of her brain.
Her story was that she had slipped on the ice, hit the back of her head and felt her brain bounce.

Since this event, she said everything came to a halt. She was in bed for the first 2 months and had to ask for help with everything.

When I saw her, she had difficulty connecting thoughts, some of her memory was lost, she was very sensitive to noise and light. She had the sensation as if the bones of her scalp were about to split open. She was a strong, proud person who hated to feel weak and vulnerable so this was particularly devastating for her. She felt she had been absent from her children’s lives. ‘I’m supposed to be their protector but I wasn’t there for them for 2 years.’
She had vertigo, her reflexes were slow and her ability to visually track was slow.
She had nightmares that she was about to be killed by a wild animal.
She had developed a fear of dogs, bears and confined spaces.
She would cry and feel vulnerable easily.
She felt better in the dark and after drinking coffee or alcohol. Everything she did was slow and demanded her full concentration. She therefore spent most of the time in bed as every task exhausted her.
She loved the ocean.

I decided on a sea remedy for her.

During the first month she felt the remedy was helpful in increasing her energy and her quality of sleep. She also didn’t have as much vertigo as prior.

During the second month she was able to start exercising which was something she had enjoyed prior to the head injury. ’It gives me confidence’.

At her third follow up, her concentration was better and her mood was stable. She wasn’t as sensitive to noise and was able to listen to music for short periods of time. She was able to cook a meal for the first time in 27 months. She still couldn’t be in the family room in the evening because of the noise and visual stimulation.

I decided to switch her remedy to a related remedy as I wasn’t seeing as much improvement in her emotional healing as in her physical health.

After 1 month on the new remedy, she was feeling better about herself as a Mom. She was able to have regular length days out of bed and so was able to spend more time with her children.

She also said, ‘I’m usually quick to form an opinion about things. Now I’m a bit more hesitant. I’m questioning myself – less defensive. I’m not as confined in my thinking. I’m not hurried anymore. All my symptoms are less. I feel joy! Everything is light again.’
Those words told me that deep healing had taken place through homeopathy.


I am always happy when I leave. Shahin is helping me. It’s hard to find a homeopath that is so dedicated. I don’t know what I’d do without her..P.H.

Since childhood, I’ve suffered from migraines; these occurred three or four times a month, lasting 24 hours and included vomiting. For more than the past fifteen years, 16 to 20 days a month, I began to suffer chronic migraines. In the last five years, my migraines have been a daily event due to rebound effect from the migraine medicine Sumatriptan. For years, I was not informed that this medicine could cause rebound headaches, even though the doctors and hospital for my treatment are considered excellent. Besides Sumatriptan I have been given acupuncture, Topiramate, Botox, beta blockers, among other medicines. Nothing seemed to work. Then I began to work with Shahin Afnan. The homeopathic remedy she prepared worked even at the early stages, which has been a joy since nothing else has worked. Recently for 24 hours I experienced my first headache-free day in many years. In addition since taking the remedy, I have a sense of well-being and, as well, the amount of Sumatriptan I now use is less than two-thirds of my previous daily dosage. I am encouraged that finally I have the chance under Shahin’s care of further diminishing my migraine frequency and the amount of medication I take. Hopeful at last at age 72, Jeanette M.