A Case Study of Tonsilitis

My 9 year old client’s mom phoned me for an acute consultation for him the other day. She has studied homeopathy with me and often doesn’t need more than a confirmatory discussion about her children’s acute illnesses but this was a bit different. For one thing he was just getting over hand, foot and mouth disease and she wasn’t sure if his new symptoms were to do with that or if this was an entirely new illness.
He was run down for sure. His symptoms of foot and mouth were now just a few dried scabs.
His new symptoms were a mild fever of 99.9F, inflamed tonsils with a large white patch on each of them and foul smelling breath. He described the pain as if he had a splinter in his throat and the pain was worse on swallowing. Understandably, he didn’t feel like eating. He felt better with sips of warm tea and he wanted to lie down and be still.
Based on these rubrics Mouth, odor, putrid Throat, inflammation, tonsils Throat, pain, swallowing, on Throat, pain, splinter, as from a Throat, ulcers, tonsils
I selected Ntricum Acidum and instructed his Mom to give it to him every 3 hours. Please note that homeopathy is individualized, based on the individual’s unique set of symptoms and you may need a different remedy.
His temperature beautifully illustrates how homeopathy boosts the immune system to heal the body.
Ist dose body temp was 99.9
2nd dose 102.2
3rd dose 100.9
4th dose 100.7
5th dose 99.1
6th dose 98.5
The ulcers were gone and he was feeling perfectly well in 48 hours with a strong appetite for oranges.


I am always happy when I leave. Shahin is helping me. It’s hard to find a homeopath that is so dedicated. I don’t know what I’d do without her..P.H.