Summer Homeopathy Article

I’ve had some requests for information about seasonal remedies. That makes me think Hayfever. Here are brief descriptions of the top six. I hope the format makes them easy to compare to find the correct remedy for you or your nearest and dearest:

Remedy: Allium Cepa
Late onset. Full blown hayfever – think of the effect a raw onion has on your mucous membranes-especially in August. Cough with mucous in the larynx – hacking, tickling or hoarse. Use 30c

Remedy: Arsenicum Iodium

Persistence acrid discharge from the nose.
Irritation and tingling of nose with constant desire to sneeze. Physical and mental restlessness. Use 30c

Remedy: Dulcamara

Begins with a sudden change of weather: dry to moist; from hot to cold. Late onset hayfever during August: beginning of autumn. Nose stuffing relieved by closing the nose with handkerchief. Nasal discharge: Profuse watery. Better in a closed room.

Remedy: Lac Caninum
One nostril stuffed up, the other free, aloternates. Nostrils are ulcerated. Nasal discharges: Acrid and Excoriating.

Remedy: Sabadilla
Sore throat > warm food. Sneezing (+++). Fears: has some horrible throat disease: will prove fatal. Tendencies: Chilly. Thirstless.

Remedy: Wyethia

Hayfever with itching of posterior nares. Throat feels swollen. Constantly clearing throat and hemming with no relief and a constant desire to swallow saliva.

In all cases 30c repeated as often as you need, should help you get through the summer. While we are focused on the Summer months, some of you may be taking vacations.

Here are some remedies I recommend you take along for the ride.

Where ever you go I always recommend taking a high dose of Arnica and Aconite – at least 200c.

Arnica is the go to remedy for contusions caused by a blow, impact or knock against a hard blunt object causing bruising. It is also useful in internal bleeding and closed head injuries as it can stop capillary bleeding.

Aconite is the go to remedy for a person in shock or a state of collapse from severe, poisoning, fright, injury. The person is afraid, clammy, cold and pale. The shock can be mental or physical. It is also useful in the first stages of an asthma attack or a heart attack as the circulation is disturbed and insufficient blood is getting to the heart. In serious situations the first thing to do is call 911 then give the remedy while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

If you are staying in North America insect and snake bites can quickly ruin your vacation.

For wasp and spider bites take Vespa which is homeopathically potentized wasp sting and is chemically similar to spider venom.

For bee stings take Apis which is homeopathically potentized bee sting.

For snake bites you have to be a little more discerning. If the wound is cold Ledum is the remedy for cold puncture wounds. Cedron is said to antidote snake bites. Aconite may also be helpful if the person is frightened or in shock.

For those of you who are venturing further afield to exotic places like South America, read on!

To minimize any side effects of vaccines you can take a dose of Thuja before and after being vaccinated.

If you prefer not to be vaccinated or the vaccine does not work, here are some tips:

For yellow fever take Nux Vomica 200c twice a day. It’s a great detox remedy – also great for Holiday hangovers!

For intestinal parasites with watery diarrhea take Thuja 200c twice daily. For malaria take China 200c if it goes to the brain take Arnica to bring down swelling.

For hepatitis take Chelidonium 200c as a liver cleanse- it has an affinity with the liver and is especially indicated if the person also has right scapular pain.

For altitude sickness take Coca 30c as needed.

With all homeopathic remedies, if you see that the symptoms are getting better you stop taking the remedy and let it do it’s work. Take the next dose on the relapse as needed.

If you do become ill do not delay being seen by a medical doctor, however homeopathic remedies can be invaluable while waiting to see a doctor and in strengthening your system to fight the disease either in conjunction with allopathic treatment or under the guidance of a qualified homeopath.

I hope this knowledge empowers you to have a happy and healthy summer.

Be Well! Shahin Afnan D.I.Hom

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