Surviving Flu Season

Winter in North East Ohio can be brutal!child sneezing

There are two homeopathic medicines which are the first go to medicines for treating flu: Influenzinum which is made safely from the current year’s most prevalent flu strain and Oscillococcinum which is made from duck organs when they have been infected with influenza. They are both natures vaccines in a way. Oscillococcinum is widely available where homeopathic medicines are sold.

If that fails you, you will benefit from an acute consultation. Based on the homeopathic principle of like cures like,  the homeopath will carefully match your symptoms to those a homeopathic medicine can produce in a healthy person. That will be the medicine you need to regain your health!

Homeopathic medicines are gentle, natural, safe for all ages and have no side effects. They have been proven in double blind studies to be just as effective in treating symptoms of colds and flu like illnesses as conventional treatment.

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