The word is coined from the Greek ‘homois’ meaning like or similar and ‘pathos’ meaning suffering.
It works on the principle that what will cause will cure. In other words, a substance that will cause a disease in a healthy person when given in large doses, will also cure a sick person suffering with similar symptoms when treated with minute potentized (homeopathic) doses of the same substance. The correctly chosen Homeopathic remedy will help to stimulate the body’s own healing power. Homeopaths use naturally occuring substances. These can be vegetable, animal or from mineral sources.

Homeopathy is holistic

We treat the whole person, not just the symptoms, believing that symptoms are the bodies own attempts at self healing and that any suppression of these symptoms will drive the disease further into the body.  Homeopathy  is holistic and works on the mental, emotional and physical plane. The whole person is seen to be multi-dimensional, responding to and developing within a social environment. Mind and body constantly interact with and influence one another.

How did Homeopathy start?

The founder of the modern system of homeopathic treatment was a brilliant German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann. Born on 10th April 1755, in the town of Meissen in Saxony (Eastern Germany), He was awarded the degree of Doctor of Healing in 1779.
  Hahnemann urged the need for public hygiene, for fresh air, adequate sleep and regular exercise and a sensible diet. He proposed that houses should be spaced apart from one another, that they should be light and admit plenty of fresh air and that sewage should be properly treated. In all these things, he was years ahead of his time. It also prefaced his life’s mission to find a more humane and compassionate system of healing, Homeopathy.He fought tirelessly for its acceptance in the face of ignorance, prejudice and reactionary forces. Since then it has spread through out the world.

How does Homeopathy work?

After 200 years new discoveries in quantum physics are finally able to provide an explanation of how homeopathy actually works.

Homeopathic remedies come into existence by a process of dilution and succussion and exert their biological effects mainly as nanostructures. Physiology, not pharmacology, is the most relevant discipline for studying remedy nanoparticle actions.

The resultant findings on what homeopathic remedies are (highly reactive nanoparticles) and how they interact with complex living systems could significantly advance the field of medicine as a valuable form of nanomedicine.

What is a Nanoparticle?

*A nanoparticle (NP) is a very small particle made from a specific source material

*Nanoparticles (a few to a few thousand atoms) have properties different from those found in bulk (ordinary, billions of atoms) forms of the “same” material

*These altered properties include changes in electromagnetic, thermal, optical, biochemical, and quantum properties of the particle

*Properties vary by dose, size, shape, surface charge

*Quantum entanglement and coherence (atom-like)water spiral

*Enhanced catalytic reactivity

*High surface absorption capacity

*High bioavailability and ability to cross membranes

*Lowers necessary doses by orders of magnitude

*Reduces side effects

So what does all that mean in lay man’s terms?

Remedies are nanoparticles, which makes them super-potent forms of their source material. It means less really is more! It means that a homeopathic remedy made from a naturally occurring substance such as, for instance, Echinacea is far deeper acting on a cellular level than the original herb in bulk form. However, because there is less of the original substance in a homeopathic remedy, there is much less chance of any unwanted effects. This discovery has huge implications for treating a multitude of illnesses including cancer.

How Homeopathic Remedies Are Made.

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