Yikes! What did I eat?

Summertime is great for enjoying barbecues and picnics but might not be so great for keeping food fresh and safe. we see a rise in stomach upsets, bloating and diarrhea at this time of year. Signs you may have eaten something suspect.

Here’s some great information on what you can do to naturally help your body get over it quickly and without complications.fruits and veg

Foods to calm your digestive system:

Potatoes without skins –high potassium




Bananas- high potassium

Bone broth – the best thing you can have

Electrolyte sports drinks –to replace what you are losing

You can have soups made with cooked asparagus tips, carrots, celery, mushrooms, beets or a tomato puree.

Also take psyllium husk to bulk up your stool.

2 great homeopathic remedies for stomach upsets. You can safely take a remedy if your symptoms match:

Arsenicum Album

Stomach.–Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Great thirst; drinks much, but little at a time. Nausea, retching, vomiting, after eating or drinking. Anxiety in pit of stomach. Burning pain. Craves acids and coffee. Heartburn; gulping up of acid and bitter substances which seem to excoriate the throat. Long-lasting eructations. Vomiting of blood, bile, green mucus, or brown-black mixed with blood. Stomach extremely irritable; seems raw, as if torn. Gastralgia from slightest food or drink. Dyspepsia from vinegar, acids, ice-cream, ice-water, tobacco. Terrible fear and dyspnea, with gastralgia; also faintness, icy coldness, great exhaustion. Ill effects of vegetable diet, melons, and watery fruits generally. Craves milk.

Abdomen.–Gnawing, burning pains like coals of fire; relieved by heat. Abdomen swollen and painful. Pain as from a wound in abdomen on coughing.

Stool.–Small, offensive, dark, with much prostration. Worse at night, and after eating and drinking; from chilling stomach, alcoholic abuse, spoiled meat. Dysentery dark, bloody, very offensive. Cholera, with intense agony, prostration, and burning thirst. Body cold as ice (Verat). Hćmorrhoids burn like fire; relieved by heat. Skin excoriated about anus.

Veratrum Album

Veratrum Album

Veratrum Album

Stomach.–Voracious appetite. Thirst for cold water, but is vomited as soon as swallowed. Averse to warm food. Hiccough. Copious vomiting and nausea; aggravated by drinking and least motion. Craves fruit, juicy and cold things, ice, salt. Anguish in pit of stomach. Great weakness after vomiting. Gastric irritability with chronic vomiting of food.

Abdomen.–Sinking and empty feeling. Cold feeling in stomach and abdomen. Pain in abdomen preceding stool. Cramps, knotting abdomen and legs. Sensation as if hernia would protrude (Nux). Abdomen sensitive to pressure, swollen with terrible colic.

Rectum.–Constipation from inactivity of rectum, with heat and headache. Constipation of babies, and when produced by very cold weather. Stools large, with much straining until exhausted, with cold sweat. Diarrhea, very painful, watery, copious, and forcibly evacuated, followed by great prostration. Evacuations of cholera morbus and true cholera when vomiting accompanies the purging.

Armed with this information, you will be prepared for the worst case scenario! Have a wonderful Summer!

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